Refining Streamline Restoration

RT14 Streamline Restoration Equipment

In just two weeks, the contractor was able to restore approximately 1900 feet of streamline which is half the amount of time compared to wheeled haul vehicles.

Terramac Recognized for Providing Dust Control in Mining

Terramac with Spray Boom

It was an honor to see a custom Terramac RT9 crawler carrier selected as a story within the Operating Strategies section of the Engineering and Mining Journal (E&MJ) seeing that the reputable magazine is a leading favorite within the mining industry.

Crawler Carriers: Providing the All-In-One Relief

Terramac crawler carrier at work on a pipeline

The crawler carrier is considered an off-road utility vehicle with rubber tracks, and manufacturers such as Terramac LLC have developed these units to be insanely versatile. The ability and ease of adding an array of specialty attachment features to the back of these units is what gives them the capability to handle every step of the pipeline process