Refining Streamline Restoration

 The Terramac RT14R was recently spotted working on a streamline restoration project in Montana’s remote landscape.

After purposefully damning this stream in order to make a lake, biologists discovered that the aquatic life of the stream was turning despondent. The damn had caused reduced water flow allowing sediment to sit and build-up rather than settle out.  The Northern Grayling fish that once spawned in the stream were no longer able to due to the current conditions so a plan of action was developed to restore the stream and re-create the ecosystem that had been disrupted.

Eric Rice, Terramac Regional Sales Manager overseeing the RT14R carrier rental used on the streamline restoration project says,” the contractor sought out Terramac for a reliable and rugged piece of hauling equipment capable of getting in and out of the sludge without getting stuck.” After learning about the RT14R, it was instantly selected for its low ground pressure rubber tracks and efficiency hauling loads. The RT14R conquers wet and muddy terrains with ease, and has a 360° rotation that allows offloading material at any angle or on the move. “The combination of low ground pressure and the rotation reduces haul time drastically,” claims Rice. In just two weeks, the contractor was able to restore approximately 1900 feet of streamline which is half the amount of time compared to wheeled haul vehicles.

Streamline Restoration with Terramac RT14R

Montana Streamline Restoration with RT14R

For more information on how Terramac crawler carriers can be utilized for streamline restoration, please give us a call at 630.365.4800.

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Refining Streamline Restoration

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