Renewable Energy Development & Construction with Crawler Carriers

Not every renewable project a contractor receives requires the use of all-terrain equipment. However, when such equipment is needed, contractors face the challenge of expanding their equipment fleet to meet the demands of off-road projects. Furthermore, contractors are realizing the transformative benefits of these versatile machines and are discovering innovative ways to incorporate them into everyday tasks related to solar, wind, and transmission projects. As a result, crawler carriers have become an indispensable tool in the ever-evolving field of renewable energy. To ensure optimal results, it is imperative to first understand the diverse applications of Terramac crawler carriers for renewable construction, maintenance, and repair tasks.


Flat Beds & Dump Beds

Various bed styles can be attached to crawler carriers to provide versatile hauling options for moving equipment, materials, and debris across the site. They enhance efficiency and contribute to a streamlined workflow.

Concrete Mixers and Concrete Chutes

These attachments facilitate on-site mixing and pouring of concrete for foundations, fencing, and other infrastructure elements of solar and wind farms. They ensure precision and expedite the construction process.

Geotechnical Drills

Geotechnical drills play a crucial role in collecting soil samples, assessing ground conditions, and conducting site investigations. They aid in the planning and execution of renewable energy projects by providing valuable geological data.


Crawler carriers equipped with fifth wheel trailers offer additional hauling capacity, allowing for efficient transportation of larger equipment and tools such as wire spools and transmission poles. Pintle hitches further expand capabilities allowing for customized trailer solutions that simplify more complex tasks, such as torque tube installations.

Panel Racks

Rubber tracked racking equipment provides safe and reliable distribution and installation of solar panels. This carrier combination expedites the construction process and minimizes panel damage resulting in greater productivity.

RT9 with Panel Rack for Solar Panel Transport
Personnel Carriers

Various sized personnel carriers can be effectively utilized in solar and wind farm construction to transport workers and equipment safely and efficiently across challenging terrain, ensuring smooth operations and timely project completion.

Fuel & DEF Tanks

Crawler carriers with fuel and DEF tank attachments provide efficient and reliable transport of fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to remote locations, ensuring uninterrupted operation of heavy machinery and equipment, and supporting the overall logistics and energy needs of the construction site.

360-Degree Rotation

Tracked carriers with 360-degree rotation allows operators to work efficiently, maintaining a face-forward position and enhancing productivity. These models are instrumental for precise dumping and maneuvering in tight spaces between solar rows.


Hydroseeding Units

Terramac carriers equipped with hydroseeders enable the quick and effective application of seed and fertilizer to promote vegetation growth, specifically through the narrow rows of solar fields. This helps stabilize soil, prevent erosion, and reclaim land to its natural state.

Straw & Bark Blowers

Straw and bark blowers aid in the distribution of straw, mulch, and other erosion control materials over large areas. By creating a protective cover on disturbed soil, they mitigate erosion risks during construction and promote site restoration.

Leveraging the potential of crawler carriers has consistently demonstrated advantages in a range of construction tasks related to renewable energy. Their exceptional versatility is driving change in the industry, offering contractors innovative equipment solutions to tackle jobsite challenges. The widespread incorporation of these carriers into daily operations empowers contractors to expand their capacities while consistently delivering optimal results. As the renewable energy sector advances, rubber tracked carriers are prepared to play a crucial role in boosting successful project completion.

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Renewable Energy Development & Construction with Crawler Carriers

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