Geotechnical Drills

Start accessing hard-to-reach jobsites with your geotechnical drills by pairing them with a Terramac carrier. Our units are rubber tracked, exerting minimal ground pressure, for safely and efficiently traveling site-to-site for collections.

Specializing in customization, Terramac carriers will accommodate all of your favorite auger drill brands as well as tooling racks and other accessories. Combined, our tracked drill rigs provide the reliability you need to conduct off-road sampling, monitoring well installation, and subsurface improvements.


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For more information about customizing your Terramac crawler carrier with a geotechnical drill, please contact your local Terramac dealer or give Terramac a call at 630-365-4800.

track drill rig Terramac crawler carrier RT9 drilling attachment
Terramac with Geoprobe Geotechnical Drill
Terramac with Diedrich D50 Drill
Terramac with CME 75 Drill
Terramac with Diedrich D90 Drill
Terramac with Diedrich D120 Drill

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Geotechnical Drills

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