Concrete Mixers

Difficult jobs like pouring foundations or installing barge moorings in hard-to-navigate areas become much easier when you mount a self-contained transit-type drum mixer on your Terramac crawler carrier.

Our machines are designed for extreme customization and accommodate the mounting of self-contained transit-type drum mixers to the chassis to safely and efficiently transport concrete.

Terramac’s rubber tracked concrete mixers maneuver effortlessly through steep, rugged, and wet terrain, increasing access to remote right-of-ways. Our concrete mixers are excellent off-road equipment solutions commonly used for hauling concrete, pouring utility pole foundations, and installing or replacing barge moorings on riversides.

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For more information about customizing your Terramac crawler carrier with a concrete mixer, please contact your local Terramac dealer or give Terramac a call at 630-365-4800.

Terramac with Concrete Mixer Being Filled On Mountain
Terramac with Concrete Mixer Installing Cell Towers on Mountain
Terramac RT9 Mixing and Pouring Concrete for Cell Towers

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Concrete Mixers

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