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Terramac Launches New Compact RT6 Crawler Carrier

Elburn, IL Terramac, a leading manufacturer of innovative rubber track crawler carriers, is pleased to introduce its latest model, the RT6, which was unveiled on October 3rd at ICUEE 2017 as the company’s most compact unit yet.

The new RT6 is built to be nimble while providing the power needed to accomplish the task at hand. This unit features a compact footprint of 16’ 2” x 8’ 2”, delivers a 12,000-lb carrying capacity and boasts travel speeds up to 6.5-mph, ensuring quick cycle times to keep productivity levels on point. And, a 130-hp QSB 4.5 Cummins engine allows the RT6 to tackle a wide-range of general construction, pipeline, utility, and environmental applications with ease.

In addition to power and efficiency, the RT6 showcases Terramac’s rubber track technology. This unit’s fully-loaded ground pressure is a minimal 5.4 psi, making it ideal for loose and wet ground conditions where heavy, wheeled machines are likely to get stuck. The flotation from the rubber tracks of the RT6 not only allows the machine to work in adverse ground and weather conditions, but also allows for faster climbing on mountainous and hilly terrains with reduced slippage.

Designed to provide an unprecedented degree of customization, the RT6 accommodates a wide variety of support equipment, such as: digger derricks, bark blowers, cranes, vacuum excavators, generators and tanks. Standard units are available with either a flat bed, dump bed or rock dump bed.

“The biggest feature that sets the RT6 apart is its compact size,” says Matt Slater, Director of Sales at Terramac. “The RT6 is an excellent solution for jobs that are in tight spaces but don’t require the payload of a larger unit. And it can be easily loaded onto a tag trailer and hauled by line trucks from jobsite to jobsite.”

When it comes to safety, comfort and maintenance, the RT6 is second to none. Terramac offers the RT6 with both open- and closed-cab options, while rollover protective structure (ROPS) and falling object protective structure (FOPS) come standard. Ergonomically designed with upgraded features, the RT6 features a wide access door that allows ease of entry and exit and windows on all sides to provide operators with increased visibility. A USB port, AC controls, improved grab handles and a quick-release grate button provide added convenience. Additionally, a tilt hood for engine access and a dog house for fluid/filter checks makes maintenance on the RT6 quick and easy.

Terramac LLC, based in Elburn, IL, was established to produce the world’s leading crawler carrier. Units are sold through a full dealer network which offers customers easy-to-locate parts and service throughout the world. The units can be customized with support equipment to serve many industries such as pipeline, utility, mining, environmental, general construction and more. To learn more, please visit or call 630-365-4800.


Terramac’s most compact crawler carrier unit yet, the RT6, is available with standard open cab and closed cab options.


The new Terramac RT6 can be customized with a variety of support equipment, including a digger derrick, bucket lift and pole setter.


Terramac offers standard RT6 units with either a flat bed, dump bed or rock dump bed.


The new Terramac RT6 equipped with the standard closed cab.

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Terramac Launches New Compact RT6 Crawler Carrier

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