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Terramac Crawler Carriers Now Available on GSA Website

Elburn, IL, USA Terramac, a leading manufacturer of innovative rubber track crawler carriers, is pleased to announce its approval to sell Terramac units through the General Services Administration (GSA) supply contract under Schedule 23V. Terramac’s RT9, RT14 and RT14R crawler carrier models are listed under Construction Equipment & Attachments,

“We’re proud to now offer our crawler carriers to the US government and we look forward to fulfilling vast equipment needs through this opportunity,” states Matt Slater, Director of Sales at Terramac.  “Our goal is to connect government agencies with high quality, versatile equipment that’s necessary to tackle the most rigorous jobs at diverse federal organizations and military installations across the US.”

Terramac’s RT9, RT14 and RT14R crawler carrier models are well-equipped to provide operators with maximum efficiency, easy maintenance and superior performance.  These units were designed for jobsite versatility and can be tailored to suit specific applications, making it possible for one machine to serve multiple purposes.  This capability eliminates the need for additional pieces of equipment on the job and allows for a reduced fleet size.  The ability to customize Terramac crawler carriers with a wide variety of attachment options makes them ideal for numerous applications, from pipeline or utility to aggregates and general construction.

The robust Terramac products feature powerful Cummins diesel engines and added torque, giving operators the ability to tackle diverse applications with ease. Terramac crawler carriers also boast large carrying capacities and impressive travel speeds to ensure quick cycle times and keep productivity levels on point – regardless of application.



Designed to provide an unprecedented degree of customization, the Terramac RT9 and RT14 feature easy front and rear bolt-on attachments which enable an array of specialized equipment to be mounted, such as: bark blowers, cranes, drills, generators and tanks. The standard hydraulic system incorporated into each Terramac model is designed to accommodate the attachments, whereas competing units require a hydraulic conversion to take place. Standard units are available with either a flat bed, convertible dump to flat bed (RT9 only), or rock bed.



Built with a rugged upper frame that rotates a full 360 degrees, the Terramac RT14R crawler carrier hauls and dumps material at any position, even while driving. This unique rotational functionality allows the RT14R to offload materials faster than a standard straight frame unit as its tracks don’t need to be counter rotated to drive another direction.

The RT14R’s ability to dump without tearing up the surrounding ground also minimizes environmental damage and land restoration costs. Low ground pressure and rotating functionality make the RT14R ideal for work in confined spaces and environmentally sensitive areas, such as: rivers and levees, general earthmoving, site prep, mining and utility jobsites.



The feature that sets Terramac’s units apart from other vehicles is its rubber track technology. Terramac crawler carriers exert minimal ground pressure while fully loaded, making them ideal for loose and wet ground conditions where heavy, wheeled or steel track machines are likely to get stuck. Flotation from the units’ rubber tracks leave a minimal footprint and less disturbance on the soil while providing reduced slippage to conquer adverse conditions, climb faster on rugged terrain and reach remote areas.

The Terramac RT9, RT14 and RT14R are manufactured in North America and built entirely of premium components. Terramac’s CE-certified models come standard with rollover protective structure (ROPS) and falling object protective structure (FOPS). Each unit is ergonomically designed with upgraded features, including: a wide access door for easy entry and exit, windows on all sides and a large mirror for increased visibility. A tilt hood (RT9 and RT14 only) for engine access and a dog house for fluid/filter checks are also provided for hassle-free maintenance. Furthermore, the Terramac RT14 and RT14R carriers are equipped with a multi-function joystick with dump controls for user-friendly operation and a 2-speed hydraulic transmission for increased power.

Terramac is committed to providing the best full service and parts availability in the industry. Through its partnership with American Material Handling, Inc. (AMH) for the GSA contract, Terramac supports the local, federal and military agencies. Through Terramac’s full-line dealer network the US Government will receive access to greater parts availability as well as timely and accurate delivery, dedicated support teams, and aftermarket support.

Terramac LLC, based in Elburn, IL, was established to produce the world’s leading crawler carriers. Units are sold through a full dealer network which offers customers easy-to-locate parts and service throughout the world. The units can be customized with support equipment to serve many industries such as pipeline, utility, mining, environmental, general construction and more. To learn more, please visit or call 630-365-4800.


Terramac is approved to offer its RT9, RT14 and RT14R crawler carrier to US government agencies.


Terramac’s RT14R conquers material handling jobs in confined spaces with ease.


Terramac’s RT9 rubber tracked carrier equipped with a water tank and crane for ultimate versatility.

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Terramac Crawler Carriers Now Available on GSA Website

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