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Terramac: From Domestic Success to Global Expansion

Sugar Grove, IL – Established 13 years ago, Terramac has grown as a leading provider of crawler carriers. With a strong foothold in the domestic market, Terramac is setting its sights on international expansion, starting in Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Latin America. This strategic move reflects Terramac’s commitment to becoming a global brand while maintaining its unwavering commitment to quality, support, and innovation.

“This global expansion marks a monumental milestone for our team,” said Matt Slater, Vice President of Business Development at Terramac. “We are excited to introduce our equipment into new markets with the same commitment to excellence we were founded on.”

Domestic Success

Since its inception, Terramac has experienced remarkable growth and success in the North American market. Through innovation, dedication, and a customer-centric approach, Terramac has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality crawler carriers that exceed customer expectations. The company’s commitment to excellence has resulted in a strong dealer network, loyal customer base and sustained growth year after year.

Expanding into International Markets

Strategic partnerships have been forged to support global expansion. Royal Eijkelkamp, a prominent Dutch company and longtime business connection, has been appointed as the distributor of Terramac products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Royal Eijkelkamp will facilitate establishing the network of equipment dealers across the EMEA territory. With their local presence and equipment proficiency among the European market, they are an invaluable asset to Terramac’s growth.

Furthermore, IPESA, a reputable equipment dealer with deep-rooted local connections, has been entrusted to represent Terramac in Peru. By leveraging the strengths of these trusted partners, Terramac’s reputation for excellence will be well supported.

Dedicated Sales Representatives

To ensure a successful entry into these international markets, Terramac has appointed dedicated sales representatives for each area. Guillermo Suazo, based in Portugal, will cover EMEA while Carlos Guzman, based in Colombia, will cover Latin America.

“Both Guillermo and Carlos bring a wealth of experience and expertise, along with a deep understanding of the local markets. Their focus is to build strong relationships and promote Terramac’s brand and values,” says Slater.

Commitment to Quality and Support

Whether domestic or international, Terramac is committed to all customers receiving quality products and topnotch support. One of Terramac’s key strengths is its ability to offer flexible product solutions to serve customers’ needs across many industries. Whether it’s customized support equipment options or responsive support, Terramac goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. These principals have been instrumental in their domestic success and will continue to drive its growth in international markets.

As Terramac continues its journey to become a leading global brand, it remains committed to its core values of quality, support, and flexibility. With a solid foundation of domestic success, their dedicated team remains focused on customer satisfaction through their Back the Track program and is well established for international success. Terramac’s expansion into Latin America and the EMEA region marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter, and Terramac is ready to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

About Terramac

Terramac, based in Sugar Grove, IL, was established to produce the world’s leading crawler carriers. Units are sold through a full dealer network which offers customers easy-to-locate parts and service throughout the world. The units can be customized with support equipment to serve many industries such as pipeline, utility, mining, environmental, general construction and more. To learn more, please visit or call 630-365-4800.


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    Europe, the Middle East and Africa Sales Rep
Guillermo Suazo, based in Portugal, represents Terramac in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
Latin America Sales Rep
Carlos Guzman, based in Colombia, is the Terramac Sales Manager for Latin America.
RT7R dumping soil for European distributor Royal Eijkelkamp
Royal Eijkelkamp has been established as the European distributor of Terramac products.
RT9 carrier in mud for Latin American dealer IPESA
IPESA will represent the Terramac product in Peru.

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Terramac: From Domestic Success to Global Expansion

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