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Crawler Carriers Deliver Versatile Equipment Option for Landfill Management Sites

Elburn, IL Terramac, a leading manufacturer of innovative rubber track crawler carriers is redefining the landfill management of municipal solid waste (MSW) with efficient and environmentally sound solutions.

Containing trash and minimizing environmental impact is a landfill’s primary purpose and one of its biggest challenges. The complex design of a landfill makes certain layers more susceptible to damage from heavy equipment. The consistent application of materials combined with environmental factors, such as moisture and temperature fluctuation, also contribute to poor ground conditions which can limit equipment options. Terramac rubber tracked carriers combat these challenges using their innate ability to protect the integrity of the landfill infrastructure while efficiently tackling a multitude of tasks during each landfill phase.

Need to run up a steep landfill slope to drop extra dirt to fill a gap the steel tracked machine missed? No problem. Have a backfill situation in a muddy part of the site that needs to be addressed? Load and go. And when it’s time to close a cell, the industrial/cover applicator can be ready to cover a lot of ground efficiently.



Many operations have added crawler carriers to their fleet to overcome tasks that are difficult to complete with heavy wheeled equipment. Rubber tracked units exert low ground pressure (typically less than 5.0-psi unloaded) which is far less than equipment commonly found on landfills. This low ground pressure allows carriers to maneuver across rough, wet and uneven ground conditions to accomplish tasks such as hauling garbage, performing cell maintenance and other restoration projects surrounding the landfill itself. When paired with a slurry applicator, the superior traction of Terramac units also allows an alternative daily cover to be applied to all parts of the cell regardless of ground conditions.

“Terramac rubber tracked carriers are the Swiss Army Knife for landfill operators,” says Chris Wilkes of Linder. “They simply perform many tasks that the heavy, rubber-tired vehicles and larger steel-tracked heavy equipment just can’t do.”

Terramac’s rubber track technology also pays dividends during two crucial stages of the landfill process – initial liner installation and cell closure once a section has reached capacity. Using a Terramac carrier during initial cell construction drastically reduces the potential for liner damage and subsequently helps prevents leachates and contaminants from entering the ground. Outfitting a Terramac with a hydroseeding unit to spray grass seed for reclamation eliminates damage to the cover during a landfill’s final stages. It also enables the landfill to achieve quality seeding, fertilizing and mulching in one simple process for extreme efficiency.

Additional post-closure tasks such as inspecting the cap, repairing erosion, filling low areas due to settlement, and maintaining vegetation are also easy to accomplish without disrupting the layered infrastructure.

“The stability and traction of Terramac’s rubber tracked carriers are ideal for every landfill phase despite changing ground conditions,” says David Soliday, Terramac SE Regional Sales Manager. “Terramac’s rubber tracked technology helps landfill operators improve the efficiency of the landfill process while reducing any potential adverse impact on the environment.”

Terramac’s RT14R model offers even more versatility with its 360-degree rotating upper frame that allows the unit to dump 28,000-pound loads with a simple straight-in, rotate, dump and straight-out approach. Any added stress on the underlying layers due to turning treads is eliminated.

“Innovative equipment, like the Terramac RT14R, give the operator the consistency and power that landfills require for a full day of operation while reducing overall stress on the landfill infrastructure,” says Gerry Carney Jr., C.N. Wood.



The Terramac RT6, RT9, RT14 and RT14R crawler carriers are helping to lower the pressure on landfill operators by providing new management efficiencies.

RT6 RT9 RT14 RT14R
Carrying Capacity 12,000-lbs 18,000-lbs 28,000-lbs 28,000-lbs
Ground Pressure

(Fully Loaded)

5.3-psi 6.4-psi 7.4-psi 8.3-psi
Horsepower 155-hp @2200 rpm 225-hp @2200 rpm 310-hp @ 2200 rpm 320-hp @1800 rpm

Download the Environmentally Sound Technologies for Landfill Management whitepaper at for more details about using crawler carriers for landfill management.

Terramac LLC, based in Elburn, IL, was established to produce the world’s leading crawler carriers. Units are sold through a full dealer network which offers customers easy-to-locate parts and service throughout the world. The units can be customized with support equipment to serve many industries such as pipeline, utility, mining, environmental, general construction and more. To learn more, please visit or call 630-365-4800.

Terramac RT9 applying the ADC slurry.


Terramac RT14R hauling dirt for daily cover.


Terramac with hydroseeding unit spraying cover with grass seed.

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Crawler Carriers Deliver Versatile Equipment Option for Landfill Management Sites

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