Zooming In On Crawler Carriers

The Nitty-Gritty Detail at Your Fingertips!

Looking inside the cab of crawler carriers can tell you a lot about these units. Each brand offers its own set of unique features similar to the differentiation of features that would be present inside a new car.

Generally, end users of crawler carriers have a specific job to do. Completing these jobs leads to operators spending long hours inside the crawler carriers cab. With all of the time spent on the inside, it comes as no surprise that over time operators develop preferences for the types of controls and safety measures they like to see within the cab.

And that is why I am here – to bring you a close up view within the Terramac RT9 crawler carrier cab. The Terramac is known for its top of class features and the cab certainly follows suit.

Collage of Terramac RT9 Crawler Carrier Cab Features

  1. Cab – ROPS and FOPS certified cab for a higher level of rollover and falling object safety.
  2. Drive Controls – A hydrostatic transmission drive system allows all steering to be done through a pair of single hand control levers.
  3. Power Unit Instrument Control Panel – Fully integrated CANVU system works directly with the Cummins engine to give you vital information from the engine and hydraulic system.
  4. Operator Seat– Fully adjustable air ride seat for comfort and easy operation.
  5. Temperature Controls – The heat and air conditioner in the RT9 are made for spaces twice the size so operators won’t have to worry about keeping warm in the winter or cooling off in the summer.

If that’s not enough detail for you, give Terramac a call today at 630.365.4800. Our sales representatives would be pleased to schedule a demo with you so you can take a first-hand look inside our RT9 crawler carriers. Take a moment to watch the RT9 crawler carrier video for a tour inside the cab and to learn about the other phenomenal features of the industry leading crawler carriers.

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Zooming In On Crawler Carriers

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