Wilson Equipment Becomes Accepted Terramac® Dealer

Terramac Dealer, Wilson Equipment Company LogoWilson Equipment will now serve as the crawler carrier source for Central & Eastern Kentucky and portions of Southern Indiana.

Wilson Equipment comes to Terramac with over 125 years of experience servicing the area’s equipment needs. Their unique history and commitment to customer satisfaction warrant their ability to successfully carry the Terramac crawler carrier product line, and assist with the Terramac mission to change the way industries look at rubber tracked vehicles through product innovation, performance and customer satisfaction. Wilson Equipment services a variety of industries including: highway contracting, commercial construction, site construction, government, landfills, oil and gas, reclamation and building contracting. According to Wilson’s President, Jay Rodes , “We’re adding crawler carriers to better serve our customers. These units will also give our sales guys more offerings across all our targeted industries.”

Family owned and operated through multiple generations, Wilson Equipment now has five full service locations throughout Kentucky and Indiana offering sales, rentals, service and support.  “Terramac came to us highly recommended from their existing dealers for their leadership and quality products,” says Rodes. Crawler carrier usage is on the rise due to their ability to be customized, and adapting equipment offerings to meet new market preferences and new technology is a concept Wilson is already familiar with. Right now, Wilson is excited to be expanding their product lines, and according to the owners so are their customers. Rodes states, “When the customers are more excited than you are, it makes it real easy to market and sell.”

Wilson Equipment Company Named Terramac Dealer

Wilson Equipment already has two RT9 crawler carriers out on rent which shows just how strong the demand is. One carrier unit is being used for the expansion of an automobile facility set to deliver new energy sources, and the other is working for a general contractor. “These units are great. They have a straight forward design, good cab visibility, nice track design, durable bed, and an endless number of choices and selections. We’ve already got another concrete contractor wanting one now,” says Rodes. Now that Wilson Equipment is officially a Terramac dealer, they’ll be adding more RT9 crawler carriers to their fleet as well as some of the larger RT14 units.

For more information on Terramac, Wilson Equipment or becoming a dealer, please give us a call at 630.365.4800. “We appreciate the traditional style of dealer development. It shows you’re not just partnering with anyone”, voices Rodes.

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Wilson Equipment Becomes Accepted Terramac® Dealer

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