Why Utility Industries Are Closer to Reaching The Secret Ingredient

Custom Terramac RT9 Crawler Carriers

It’s no surprise that issues arise when industry trends change or expand, and it’s a battle for each company to find that secret ingredient or solution to overcome the obstacles they’re faced with. Within the utility industry, not only is there is a changing and growing grid as the US moves from coal based to natural energy sources but also the need for more power in rural areas. Due to this, companies are all in search of one thing, a piece of equipment accommodating enough to meet their current needs but also something  that will be able to adapt to their future needs. That secret ingredient is the Terramac RT9 crawler carrier according to Matt Slater, Director of Sales at Rig Source Inc., a dealer of Terramac® and a heavy equipment rental center offering Terramac RT9 units.

The Terramac RT9 Crawler Carrier Gains Coverage

Terramac RT9 crawler carriers were new to the market in 2012, but have made big strides building their name as well as their influence among various industries. Just in the last few weeks, two utility magazines, Electrical Business Journal and Utility Products provided coverage of the RT9 crawler carriers, and chose to highlight the unit for its unmatched versatility. More so in Utility Products, the RT9 crawler carrier was noted for its ability reach remote locations as well as its utility focused attachment features. Specific attachment equipment includes digger derricks for digging holes and setting poles, or boom lifts for lifting crew members.  Versatility doesn’t end there since attachments can be changed over time as projects progress and change which proves the Terramac RT9 crawler carrier is a timeless piece of equipment for utility companies.

Like Every Recipe With A Secret Ingredient – It Gets Gobbled Up

Now that the secret is out, utility companies are anxious to get their hands on Terramac RT9 crawler carriers. Recently, Terramac sold two custom RT9 crawler carriers to an energy company in the Houston Metropolitan area. Those units are being used to clear the right of way and carry concrete poles through rough terrain for power line construction. The Terramac RT9 crawler carriers feature a dump bed, 30,000 lb. lineman winch and additional hydraulic power. Just one more way of exhibiting how the Terramac is the most versatile carrier on the market.

If you’re in the utility industry, don’t get stuck with restrictive equipment that isn’t going to cut it when the pressure is on to meet deadlines for expansion, or the grid changes the needs of your equipment. Now that you know the recipe you’re one step closer to tasting the benefits of the Terramac RT9 crawler carrier so call us today at 630.365.4800!

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Why Utility Industries Are Closer to Reaching The Secret Ingredient

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