Uncovering Uses for Terramac Crawler Carriers Daily

Attachments for Terramac Crawler CarriersAs with many new products, the targeted industries upon launch only skim the surface of potential uses. It is no surprise that Terramac crawler carriers continue to find their way into more and more industries on a daily basis. Has your industry found a use for a rubber track crawler carrier yet? If not, find a way to make yourself and Terramac a hero on your job site.

During the engineering process, owner Mike Crimaldi took his years of experience in the industry as well as feedback from other professionals to come up with a design for the Terramac RT9 that has increased the versatility of a standard rubber tracked crawler carrier. Mike knew from the start that his crawler carrier would benefit a number of industries by providing them with a new innovative unit, but no one could have guessed just how many additional industries would come out of the wood work in search of Terramac crawler carriers.

Latest Industry to Benefit from Terramac Crawler Carriers: Landfill & Waste Management

One of the greatest obstacles landfills face are the harsh land conditions, and their consistent need to have a vehicle capable of maneuvering over the landfill to lay ground covering. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Landfill Manual, landfills are required by law to lay a daily cover. This is usually done with geotextile fabric, and the purpose of it is to protect the ground from environmental damage, prevent blowing, and reduce odor. That said, ground cover is of utmost importance, and landfills are daunted with the task of choosing the proper equipment to lay heavy rolls of geotextile fabric day in and day out.

This is where Terramac crawler carriers come into play. The Terramac RT9 rubber tracked crawler carrier was built with added torque and low ground pressure capable of handling the landfills soft and slopped terrain. The versatility of a unit such as this will prevent the untimely downtime that can often occur from poor weather conditions or other factors that create ground instability. Terramac crawler carriers have been found dominant enough to power through the harsh landfill/waste environment while leaving minimal signs of ever even being there with their low ground pressure.

The unit’s quick and easy attachment system also provides the Terramac RT9 the ability to add a customized roller system to the unit to accommodate the use of the geotextile fabric. The combination of features makes Terramac crawler carriers the perfect fit for landfills looking to improve their daily productivity.

Buy Now or Pay Later

As articulated in Waste Management World’s Compact Guide to Landfill Operations, “Choosing the wrong type or size of machine is a mistake that will cost the operation year after year.” Now a days, everyone is looking to increase their bottom dollar, and to do that in waste management, you need Terramac crawler carriers. They’re proving to be a step above the rest in rubber tracked crawler carriers thanks to their increased versatility, power, and low ground pressure so you can start reaping the benefits by using the proper equipment.

Make the right choice and give Terramac a call today at 630.365.4800. Our sales team would love to discuss the Terramac RT9 specifications and optional attachment features with you further so you can start saving today!

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Uncovering Uses for Terramac Crawler Carriers Daily

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