Tier 4 Final Updates

Terramac is committed to engineering and manufacturing reliable and dependable crawler carriers for a variety of industries and recently made modifications to our carrier models in compliance with the new Tier 4 Final regulations set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These changes are effective immediately for the Terramac RT9 and RT14 models. Please note that all new RT9 and RT14 carriers will now come standard with new Tier 4 Final diesel engines. The RT14R was launched with a Tier 4 Final engine.

Tier 4 Final Updates


Tier 4 Final Engine

Tier 4 Final diesel engines were developed to reduce exhaust emissions which are an ongoing concern for the EPA. The Tier 4 Final standards hold engine manufacturers to a greater standard for producing more environmentally friendly diesel engines. All engines in the Terramac RT9, RT14 and RT14R models proudly uphold the Tier 4 Final standards and are designed to use a variety of exhaust after treatment components making them cleaner than before.

Updated Spec Sheets

Please use the links below to access all spec sheets or visit our crawler carrier page for additional model information.

For questions regarding Terramac’s Tier 4 Final updates, please contact a member of our sales team at 630.365.4800 or your local dealer today.

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Tier 4 Final Updates

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