Terramac Increases Profits on Sewer Line Installation

As Terramac’s product line continues to expand so does the list of uses for the acclaimed RT9 crawler carrier. The RT9 carries a strong reputation for its extreme versatility, and years after its launch, it is still providing new cost effective solutions to contractors around the globe. Most recently the RT9 carrier took on a project hauling gravel through an environmentally sensitive area for sewer line installation. The ongoing sewer line installation project is being led by Cabot Water Works of Arkansas. Cabot discovered that utilizing rubber tracked crawler carriers on site ultimately saves time and reduces expenditures for their company.

The Solution that Saves

According to Cabot’s construction supervisor, David Boullie, “Our current sewer line installation project is taking place on a 30 ft. easement with limited space between the creek, trench and tree line. Our guys are deep in the mud making accessibility extremely difficult.” The crew began to rely heavily on the low ground pressure of crawler carriers for the backfill process because fully loaded the RT9 will conquer the dense ground conditions. Boullie claims, “The RT9 has the maneuverability to steadily squeeze itself into place along the trench so excavators can access the gravel load directly from the dump bed, and then place it exactly where it needs to be around the lines.” Removing gravel directly from the dump bed reduced Cabot’s overall gravel costs because less gravel is wasted during the process. Matt Nelson, Terramac regional sales manager working closely with Cabot explains, “Previous methods for hauling backfill gravel for sewer line installation projects similar to this one required small gravel piles to be dumped along the outer edges of the site since wheeled vehicles weren’t able to gain close enough access to the trench. Dropping multiple piles of gravel amplified gravel waste being consumed the by the ground.”

The Terramac Difference

Terramac takes great pride in customer satisfaction and always strives to send local representatives out to jobsites utilizing Terramac crawler carriers for the first time. During Nelson’s very first visit with Cabot, operators were quick to comment on their experiences using the Terramac RT9. According to Nelson, “Operators were instantly impressed with how smoothly the RT9 operated.” Boullie further highlighted the tilt hood feature by saying, “I’ve never seen the tilt hood on other rubber tracked carriers, and it’s certainly a convenience when we’re doing maintenance checks daily. We no longer have to unbolt the entire hood for fluid checks and engine access.” Operators are also enjoying the fact they can dump loads with a single switch thanks to the RT9’s control panel.

With the benefits of rubber tracks becoming more prominent across a multitude of industries, Terramac is excited to be broadening our services to the utility industries. For more information on how the Terramac RT9 is being used for sewer line installation or how you can benefit from a crawler carrier on your next project, give us a call at 630.365.4800.

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Terramac Increases Profits on Sewer Line Installation

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