Shafer Equipment Hosts Tow & Show Event

The Terramac RT14R traveled to Clendenin, West Virginia for a two day Tow & Show stop with Terramac’s dealer, Shafer Equipment. As Terramac’s first dealer, Shafer Equipment has built phenomenal relationships over the years with numerous crawler carrier customers within the pipeline industry, and we were pleased to provide them with the opportunity to demo and experience the new RT14R unit.

Contractors and operators saw the demo and instantly approved of the 360 degree rotating upper frame on the RT14R. Many feel this new crawler carrier design will be a useful tool for streamlining their pipeline padding process. The RT14R would allow operators to haul materials and evenly dump loads directly into the pipeline trenches. With the RT14R, this entire process can be done while moving thus eliminating the need for a secondary piece of equipment which will save the contractor time and money. The ability to offload materials at any angle without counter rotating the tracks contributes to a longer undercarriage life on the RT14R since it reduces the amount of wear and tear the unit receives from frequent turning.

Similar to previous RT14R Tow & Show stops, Regional Sales Manager, Jesse Whittaker was on site at the Shafer Equipment event to give demonstrations as well as walk arounds of the new rotating unit. While receiving feedback from attendees, one pipeline contractor was noted saying, “The RT14R controls and steering are just incredible! The technology behind this unit is one step above the original RT9 carrier which goes to show how committed Terramac is to keeping their crawler carriers innovative.”

For more details on Shafer Equipment’s RT14R Tow & Show stop or on the new RT14R rotating crawler carrier, please give us a call at 630.365.4800. To find out where the RT14R can be found next, view the complete RT14R Tow & Show calendar.

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Shafer Equipment Hosts Tow & Show Event

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