RT14R Kicks Off In Illinois

Terramac kicks off the US portion of the RT14R Tow and Show right here at our headquarters in Elburn, Illinois. The RT14R is the first ever rotating crawler carrier by Terramac, and our event allowed loyal customers and local prospects an opportunity to view, demo and learn everything they need to know about the new unit.

Attendees of the Elburn show included media personnel, customers and contractors with both National and International interest from industries such as general construction, pipeline and railroad. CEO, Mike Crimaldi and President, Andrew Konopka provided guests a thorough product presentation and detailed walk around of the unit while our engineering team was available to answer all technical RT14R questions. Customers were intrigued by the 360 degree upper frame rotation, and excited for the new range of opportunities that will stem from a crawler carrier of this caliber.

It was a pleasure to host the first US based RT14R Tow and Show event, and we look forward to even more feedback as the unit travels around the country. If you haven’t already, check the RT14R Tow and Show calendar for a stop near you. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to have premium access to our most distinctive carrier to date. For more information on the RT14R or for event details, please give us a call at 630.365.4800.


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RT14R Kicks Off In Illinois

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