Rotating Crawler Carrier Displayed at Expo Richmond

Terramac Dealer, McClung-Logan Equipment Company showcases the new Terramac RT14R rotating crawler carrier during the Expo Richmond in Virginia. McClung-Logan has a large customer base in the logging industry and beyond, and showcased the RT14R to demonstrate how the new innovation of the 360 degree rotating carrier will enhance precision and improve jobsite efficiency.

Terramac’s Regional Sales Manager, Jesse Whittaker was on hand in the McClung-Logan booth to offer a premier walk around of the RT14R carrier and answer technical questions relating to the use and capabilities of the unit. “I received a lot of compliments on the introduction of a rotating carrier in addition to the technological advancements we’ve added to these units. Many operators were also impressed the amount of support we’re able to offer in the field,” says Jesse. On top of Terramac’s already simplistic design for maintenance, the RT14R is manufactured in the United States, and offers a full-line dealer network ensuring parts accessibility is fast and affordable.

“Attendees also noted the Terramac RT14R for being a strong and well-built machine,” says Rachel Pelzer, Marketing Manager at McClung-Logan. On top of all the positive feedback provided during the Expo, customer discussions about rentals and purchases are underway which proves this unit is in high demand.

McClung-Logan was excited with the overall customer attraction to the new RT14R and is prepared for expanding their offerings to include the RT14R as sales and rentals as requests pick up for this rotating crawler carrier in Virginia, Washington D.C., Delaware and Maryland. If you missed your opportunity to view the RT14R at this event, be sure to check out where it’s going next as part of the RT14R Tow & Show. For more information on the RT14R, visit our product page or give us a call at 630.365.4800.

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Rotating Crawler Carrier Displayed at Expo Richmond

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