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Terramac RT9 on Pipeline News Cover

It’s always exciting to see action shots taken of the Terramac RT9 crawler carrier, and even more so when they’re striking enough to make a magazine cover.

Courtney Construction happened to submit one of these fabulous photographs, and as luck would have it, the Terramac photo became the cover image for December’s issue of Pipeline News Magazine. The particular shot shown below displays the Terramac RT9 crawler carrier with a tac welder attachment feature. This combination unit has become a highly useful tool used primarily on pipeline jobs.

Currently, Courtney Construction is using the unit to lay pipe in the Oklahoma area. The Terramac RT9 with tac welder’s ability to equip up to four welders with power at one time while providing the shade canopy necessary for the team to perfect their welds in accordance with strict safety standards was a huge selling point. Not to mention the ample tooling storage space.

The tac welder attachment is one of many attachments currently being used to assist in pipeline work across North America. Flip to the news section of Pipeline News, and you’ll also catch a glimpse of the Terramac RT9 with personnel carrier attachment. The personnel carrier attachment is one of the latest customization options available on Terramac crawler carrier units. For more information on Terramac and these specialty attachments featured in Pipeline News, give us a call at 630.365.4800.

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Pipeline News Highlights

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