Copper Mine Obtains Terramac RT9 with Spray Boom for Supreme Dust Suppression Solution

Terramac RT9 with Spray Boom Working In Montana

Montana Resources operates an open pit copper mine in Butte, Montana, and is now using the latest Terramac RT9 crawler carrier with Spray Boom technology as their dust suppression solution!

I had the privilege of visiting Montana Resources after they purchased our Terramac RT9 with spray boom, and while doing such was educated on some of the most interesting issues facing the mining industry as a whole.  One of these issues is the high concerns for tailings management, and the need to regulate the tailings by controlling tailings dust. To do this, it is necessary to keep the tailings material as saturated as possible.

#1 Dust Suppression Solution: Terramac RT9 with Spray Boom

What better way to do this than with a Terramac RT9 with spray boom! The tailings are typically stored in a secure facility on the mine site, but it is nearly impossible for haul trucks and water tanks to reach them. Therefore, the low ground pressure provided by the Terramac was desired, and Montana Resources feels that the Terramac RT9 is a valuable addition to their fleet.

Montana Resources wasn’t the only mine to acquire one of our Terramac RT9 with spray boom units in the last few months. In fact, it was Barrick Mining Company that purchased on for their mine in neighboring Whitehall, Montana that first began using the Terramac as a dust suppression solution. It was also Barrick Mining Company that provided us a generous referral of quality and excellence that transpired into the Montana Resources inquiry. If one of the world’s largest mining companies finds value in our unit, it is no surprise others such as Montana Resources will too.

Unique to Montana Resources

In addition to purchasing a Terramac RT9 with spray boom, Montana Resources added a water canon and snow cleats to help with the extreme weather Montana usually faces throughout the year. Unfortunately, due to safety constraints regarding frozen tailings ponds, Montana Resources was unable to take their Terramac RT9 with spray boom out for its maiden voyage while I was in town, but it should only be a few more weeks before the conditions are right.

If you’re facing similar issues with tailings dust on your mine, give Terramac a call today at 630.365.4800. I, as well as my sales team are eager to get you set up in our Terramac RT9 with spray boom so you too can start delivering the quality assurance and regulation of tailings ponds that both you and the state regulators are seeking!


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Copper Mine Obtains Terramac RT9 with Spray Boom for Supreme Dust Suppression Solution

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