Lyle Machinery Presents RT14R in Mississippi

Terramac Dealer, Lyle Machinery brings local crawler carrier customers to their facility for a Tow & Show event to give attendees the opportunity to view the new RT14R rotating crawler carrier before it reaches their rental fleet.  Lyle has acquired a steady following of RT9 and RT14 crawler carrier rental customers for a variety of industries such as earth moving, utility installation and general construction, and it is expected that the addition of the new RT14R will diversify their customer base even more.

Right now, customers from Lyle’s branch locations have come to depend on Terramac rentals due to the fact they’re designed and built so well. According to Nathan Bagwell, Lyle Machinery Sales Manager, “I’ve got new operators who say the Terramac’s are outrunning competitive models working alongside them in the field. After we add the rotating RT14R carrier which is built like nothing else out there; we’ll be able to help our customers even more by providing them equipment the other guys can’t.”

The sheer size and 28,000 lb. carrying capacity of the RT14R model was most notable by customers during the event. The fact of the matter is that some jobs require the ability to haul heavy loads which this new model will be able to accommodate. Similarly, contractors will benefit from the 360 degree rotation when jobsites or right of ways don’t offer enough space for turning. Together the benefits greatly reduce a contractors cycle times.

Terramac RT14R at Lyle Machinery
RT14R Crawler Carrier on Display in Mississippi
Terramac RT14R Rotating Carrier in Mississippi

For more information on Lyle Machinery’s RT14R Tow & Show event or for more RT14R unit details, please give us a call at 630.365.4800. You can also find out where the RT14R is headed next by visiting our complete Tow & Show calendar.

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Lyle Machinery Presents RT14R in Mississippi

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