Introducing Telematics for Terramac Carriers

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Terramac is pleased to announce that all new crawler carrier models will now come standard with an advanced telematics management system, powered by Trackunit. This feature provides dealers and end users alike a holistic view of carrier performance for improved fleet management, maintenance, and service. Use of telematics has been on rise for heavy equipment, and has proven to drastically reduce fleet management costs. At Terramac, we understand the importance of having complete visibility to all the equipment in your fleet and are confident this new feature will give you the monitoring capabilities you need.

GPS Tracking

Trackunit telematics uses GPS for extensive tracking and data collection allowing our carriers to be monitored on-site or from a far. The location services make both large- and small-scale equipment management more convenient and effective so you can manage a larger service area while minimizing the risk of lost or stolen equipment.

Data Collection

Live machine and engine data streams are readily available through Trackunit dashboards for diagnosis, service, and repair information. Tracking live carrier data alerts owners and operators of possible issues early on so preventative measures can be taken to safeguard your carriers. The advanced notice also provides more preparation time for maintenance ensuring proper planning for these activities.


Trackunit supports CAN data feeds and reporting so pertinent carrier information can be made available at a moment’s notice. Fleet managers can set alerts for scheduled and preventative maintenance creating a more efficient workflow for their tracked units to minimize downtime.

Data Retrieval

All Trackunit telematics data on Terramac carriers is accessible through multiple sources including desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. The ease of data retrieval is advantageous for providing on-site guidance for operational pre-checks, site mapping and more.

To learn more about Terramac’s new telematics management system, please contact our team at 630.365.4800.

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Introducing Telematics for Terramac Carriers

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