Heavy Equipment Safety Tips

As a manufacturer of heavy duty crawler carriers, Terramac stresses the importance of safety when it comes to working with heavy equipment. We understand that tough jobs need to be completed and we pride ourselves on the ability to provide operators with safe equipment to do just that. Many safety features found on Terramac carriers today have been influenced by operators themselves as they expressed safety concerns from previous experiences using various pieces of heavy equipment on jobsites.

Since June is nationally recognized and dedicated to safety awareness, Terramac wants to take this opportunity to review some of the best and often times most overlooked heavy equipment safety tips. Please keep these tips top of mind and in practice this summer and beyond. It is our hope that you stay safe during the week so you can make the most of the weekend!

Summer Safety:

  1. Stay hydrated with water and sports drink beverages. Steer clear of soda, energy drinks and other caffeinated choices.
  2. Get your rest at night so your body is ready to sustain the heat and days activities
  3. Listen to your body for signs of heat stress and pay attention to the physical well-being of those around you. Wear lightweight clothing (that complies with PPE) to keep cool.
  4. Cool down by taking a break out of direct sunlight and a cool off with wet towels to reduce body temperature.
  5. Protect your skin with sunscreen of at least SPF15 at least 30 minutes prior to going out and reapply frequently. Use insect repellent when needed.

Heavy Equipment Safety TipsDaily Safety:

  1. Always wear protective gear & use 3-point stance getting on and off equipment
  2. Use fall arrest and/or safety net systems when working on raised platforms
  3. Review operators manual and inspect equipment before operating
  4. Never oil or lubricate equipment while equipment is running
  5. Be aware and alert of surroundings
  6. Don’t crowd the jobsite
  7. Never exceed the load that a machine is rated to carry
  8. Store materials properly to prevent fire or explosion
  9. Know where firefighting equipment is located and how to use it
  10. Remember trenches over five feet deep must be shored or sloped as required

Want to share these tips with your co-workers? Request a FREE safety poster from Terramac by giving us a call at 630.365.4800 or download safety tips here.

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Heavy Equipment Safety Tips

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