Get Hooked Up With Terramac at the NWMA Expo

Terramac Rubber Track Cawler Carrier, Got Dust NWMA

Sure you can network with Terramac online at various social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but there is still something to the face to face interactions you receive attending tradeshows and expositions with us. Here at Terramac we believe that tradeshows and expositions provide an industry specific environment for people to connect, gain trust with one another, and offer new product exposure in real time. Even in a technological world full of devices that increase efficiency by allowing you to network online, you will find that the most effective interactions still come from face to face relations.

Terramac attends a number of tradeshows and expositions throughout the year to offer their customers and prospective clients the face to face interaction they deserve. One of these is the Northwest Mining Association’s Annual Meeting and Exposition. The NWMA is a national association that represents the hard rock mining industry and is currently going on their 119th year. This year, the expo takes place December 2-6 and has over 2,500 attendees and 200+ exhibitors attending.

During the expo, Terramac will proudly be exhibiting the Terramac RT9 unit which is on its way to becoming the most innovative rubber tracked crawler carrier in the world. Our sales representatives are there to serve you, and are eager to nurture and establish some networks of their own.

If opportunity exists, you will find it with us at the NWMA expo December 2-6th. Terramac will be located in booth’s 514 & 516 of the John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada so stop by, get some face time, and find out what Terramac can do for you!

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Get Hooked Up With Terramac at the NWMA Expo

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