Fuel Transportation No Obstacle for RT9 Crawler Carriers

Terramac RT9 crawler carrier with fuel tank working in NigeriaNot too long ago we featured how two Terramac RT9 crawler carriers were going to be utilized for transporting fuel to remote locations in Nigeria during the construction of an airport. Now that the project is well underway, our customer surprised us with some excellent photos of the RT9 crawler carriers with fuel tanks as they effortlessly drudge through the marshy terrains.

For those not familiar with the original story, Terramac RT9 crawler carriers were selected to overcome a company’s inability to fuel onsite equipment in areas filled with unstable ground conditions. This company came to us with the hopes we would be able to provide the solution, and as always, Terramac delivered!

The customization and versatility of the unit along with the customer service of our staff won the sale of these two custom Terramac RT9 crawler carrier units with 1600 gallon fuel tanks. Once our shop team completed the customization, these units were more than equipped to handle the job at hand. During a recent follow up with our customer, we requested some feedback on how the RT9 crawler carriers were doing out in the field. The company was noted as saying,

“The Terramac is performing very well especially in the mud and swamp areas.”

This is a statement that all of us at Terramac take pride in. At the time of purchase, our customer was unsure how their airport project would progress with an efficient workflow if they couldn’t get fuel where it needed to be. That’s never a well-liked position to be in, and it is an honor to know the Terramac RT9 crawler carrier and our team is capable of solving substantial problems like this effectively.

We’re truly thankful to have received these photos, and proud to share them with you. If you’ve got photos of Terramac RT9 crawler carriers in action or have a testimonial to share, please do. If you’re looking to purchase a customized Terramac RT9 crawler carrier, or would like more information on what we offer, call us today at 630.365.4800. Our sales team is the best around and will do what it takes to get you into the exact RT9 crawler carrier to meet your needs.

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Fuel Transportation No Obstacle for RT9 Crawler Carriers

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