Equipment World Narrows In On Crawler Carriers

Equipment World LogoEquipment World Magazine brings forth an interesting article featuring excerpts from various crawler carrier manufacturers and dealers that are all working to bring crawler carrier awareness to the construction markets.

Crawler carriers were once an unfamiliar piece of equipment rarely used across the vast number of construction type industries. Previously known only by the overseas brand Morooka, crawler carrier units have truly begun to make a powerful impact in the United States and Canada. They’ve also picked up over a dozen names since their creation, such as: Terramac’s, rubber track units, crawler dumpers, track buggies and more.

Much of the increased market impact is in part due to the addition of powerful brands such as Terramac entering the North American manufacturing market. Of course there is also the light footprint that comes from rubber tracks along with increased technological advancements and accessible support which all gets covered in Equipment World’s article.

If you’re not already familiar or would just like to know more about crawler carriers and their place in the equipment world, read about these “miniature powerhouses” today. There is no better time than now to get up to speed on how rubber track technology is being used in construction markets, and what the future holds for crawler carriers.

See What All The Excitement Is About

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Equipment World Narrows In On Crawler Carriers

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