DiMeo Brothers’ Inc. Uses Fleet of Terramac Carriers to Rebuild Winnetka Golf Course

Golf course remodels serve various purposes, with irrigation improvements emerging as a significant factor that extends numerous benefits to courses, players, and the wider community. The Winnetka Golf Club, one of Chicago’s premiere public golf facilities recently conducted a thorough evaluation of its irrigation system which led to the strategic decision to initiate a comprehensive course renovation. In a collaborative effort, the Winnetka Park District and the City of Winnetka joined forces to embark on the project aimed at enhancing drainage and optimizing water retention, resulting in a modernized course with a more efficient and resilient stormwater management system.

DiMeo Brothers’ Inc, a construction contractor based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois was appointed for the overhaul. When it came time to start construction, crews were quick to notice the soft soil, a challenge that was compounded by the unpredictable weather conditions typical in the Chicagoland area.

“When DiMeo Brothers’ was awarded the contract, we had a need to get out on a golf course and move a lot of material,” explains John DiMeo, owner of DiMeo Brothers’. “The soil borings provided for the course and the nature of what the ground conditions were, required a low-pressure machine to run up and down and move dirt for us from one part to the other.”

Discovering Tracked Carriers

Seeking an equipment solution, DiMeo Brothers’ turned to Alta Equipment Company, where they were introduced to Terramac crawler carriers. With their rubber tracks, these carriers exert a low ground pressure ranging from 5.3 to 8.3 PSI when fully loaded, varying based on the specific model. Units were used to haul various materials including clay, stone, and asphalt throughout the project. The initial two Terramac RT14R rentals performed beyond expectations, providing access in extreme conditions and protection to the sensitive subbase during the hauling process. Impressed by their performance, DiMeo Brothers’ extended their fleet by incorporating additional RT14R’s as well as some smaller RT7R’s, allowing for the seamless handling of multiple tasks.

“Terramac fit the need for this project,” declared DiMeo. “We rented two of the RT14R’s. After about a month of use we realized they were the right machine for the project. We have a total of eight on site that we’re using to work on this project.”

One of the key advantages of using crawler carriers lies in their exceptional maneuverability. Both the RT7R and RT14R carriers boast 360-degree rotation allowing units to dump at any angle or on the go. This unique feature also grants work crews improved access to narrow or confined spaces with minimal disruption to the already demanding ground conditions. Given the project’s extended duration across multiple seasons and the constantly evolving weather, maneuverability was extremely important for maintaining project momentum and meeting deadlines.

“With a wide variety of weather conditions these units have helped get us through all of them and I don’t think there’s another unit that could have gotten us through the way that Terramac has,” asserts Peter Volkening, Superintendent of DiMeo Brothers’.

Ease of Operation

DiMeo Brothers’ expressed their satisfaction with the user-friendliness of Terramac crawler carriers. With minimal training, their operators swiftly adapted to the carrier’s controls and advanced features. The units come equipped with a range of technologies, including cameras and mirrors, designed to enhance visibility and improve awareness of the surroundings.

According to Johnny Whitelaw, Project Manager at DiMeo Brothers’ “One great thing about the Terramac itself is it’s easy to figure out. Someone can teach you the operation and you can become very effective, very fast, in this machine.”

The use of multiple crawler carriers during the Winnetka golf course stormwater management project proved to be a game-changer. DiMeo Brothers’ effectively addressed storm management concerns, modernizing the course’s irrigation system, while preserving the sensitive ground conditions of the golf course. The success of these low ground pressure carriers has opened new possibilities for future projects, solidifying their place as an asset in DiMeo Brothers’ construction endeavors.

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DiMeo Brothers’ Inc. Uses Fleet of Terramac Carriers to Rebuild Winnetka Golf Course

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