Bobcat Puts The RT14R Carrier To The Test

Afternoon thunderstorms in Valley Park, Missouri didn’t keep contractors and equipment operators from joining the local RT14R Tow & Show event hosted by Terramac Dealer, Bobcat of St. Louis.

Bobcat of St. Louis coordinated the RT14R event to take place in a gravel pit where customers could demo and operate the new rotating carrier. Many former Komatsu CD110R operators were among the diverse group of attendees trying out the RT14R. Throughout the day, operators were seen loading and unloading the RT14R unit, and experimenting with various dumping angles. The RT14R’s single multi-function joystick control and fully rotating upper frame are advantageous for operators because it allows them to remain in a face forward position at all times while dumping loads at any angle or even while driving.

Regional Sales Manager, Matt Nelson was present at this particular Tow & Show event, and spent his time educating end users and Bobcat sales representatives on the new RT14R model. Nelson completed numerous one on one walk around presentations of the RT14R, and catered each one to the interests and concerns of attendees.  Upon the completion of the event, Nelson was overwhelmed by the number of customers expressing their pleasure with the power and functionality of the machine in addition to the comfort of the cab.

Overall, the Missouri RT14R Tow & Show stop was a success. Experienced operators shared their enthusiasm for once again having access to rotating carriers while those less familiar with rotating crawler carriers were intrigued by all the additional capabilities the 360° rotation and Terramac’s innovative design offers. If you happened to miss it, don’t fret! We have many more RT14R Tow & Show stops scheduled. For more information on the RT14R crawler carrier or the Tow & Show events, please give us a call at 630.365.4800.

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Bobcat Puts The RT14R Carrier To The Test

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