10 Benefits of the Terramac Personnel Carrier

One thing Terramac doesn’t do is quit seeking improvement. Our crawler carrier has already taken the world by storm for its unbelievable versatility, and yet we continue to bring you more! The latest addition is the Terramac Personnel Carrier. This is an attachment to the standard Terramac RT9 unit, and is used for transporting people to remote jobsite locations. The benefits of having a Terramac personnel carrier unit vary per industry, but we’re bringing you the top ten that remain consistent among every industry!

Terramac Personnel Carrier Benefits Revealed

  1. 25 Person Maximum Capacity – Get your entire crew on site in one trip.
  2. ROPS & FOPS Certified Cab with Seat Belts – Proven and tested safety for all passengers.
  3. Storage & Tool Boxes – Room for gear and tooling.
  4. Removable Seats – Allows for additional storage space.
  5. Fold Up Ladder – Easy Access for passengers.
  6. Low Ground Pressure – All terrain units gets your crew on site no matter the ground conditions.
  7. Environmentally Friendly – Rubber tracks don’t damage the land.
  8. North American Made – Easy access to technical support and parts.
  9. Bolt On/Off Attachment System – Removable design for changeability
  10. Fully Enclosed Passenger Cab with Heat Optional – Maintain passenger safety in cold climates.

How would your company use a Terramac Personnel Carrier?

Share your stories today! Whether you’re a customer, prospective customer or simply find our unit intriguing we would like to hear from you.

To get more information on these Terramac personnel carriers, or to place an order, give us a call today at 630.365.4800. Our sales team would be happy to assist you and your crew in reaching all your remote jobsite locations!

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10 Benefits of the Terramac Personnel Carrier

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