Tac Rigs

Create a powerful all-in-one welding unit for pipeline projects by mounting a tac rig right onto your Terramac crawler carrier.

Our RT6, RT9, and RT14 carriers are designed with a customizable chassis for easily mounting tac rigs with up to four welders, shade canopies, compressor, generator, electrical panel, and more.

Rubber tracked tac rigs deliver low ground pressure providing contractors improved access to narrow or remote right-of-ways with all the equipment needed to successfully master welds in accordance with pipeline regulations. These units provide superior safety and increase efficiency during pipeline installation and pipeline repair.

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For more information about customizing your Terramac crawler carrier with a tac rig, please contact your local Terramac dealer or give Terramac a call at 630-365-4800.

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Tac Rigs

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