Debris Collection System

Dominate windblown waste collection with fewer people by using a Terramac with debris collection system. This vacuum system excels at providing fast and efficient debris and trash clean-up with a single operator.

Control the hoist system, boom, winch and other controls from the cab for added operator safety. Featuring a skid mount and hooklift, the debris collection system is easily interchanged with various bed styles and support equipment increasing versatility and carrier utilization. Terramac’s rubber track technology provides the iconic low ground pressure customers depend on for superior traction on rugged, wet, or slick terrain found on landfills, forestry projects, government parks and preserves, right-of-ways and more.

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For more information about customizing your Terramac crawler carrier with a debris collection system, please contact your local Terramac dealer or give Terramac a call at 630-365-4800.

Terramac RT6 Trash Vac
Terramac RT6 with Trash Vac
RT6 Debris Collection Along Fence
Terramac Debris Collection System Sucking Trash
RT6 Debris Collection System Dumping
RT6 Debris Collection System on Landfill
Customer Owned Terramac Debris Collection System
Terramac RT6 with Trash Vac
Debris Collection System Mounted to Terramac RT6
Terramac RT6 Carrier with Trash Vac for Collecting Debris
Terramac RT6 with Trash Vac System
Terramac debris collection system with racking on back end

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Debris Collection System

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