Customer Carrier Creations

Terramac with Spreader Attachment

While we’ve set the pace for numerous industries by introducing new attachment features that get track mounted to the RT9 carrier, it is now time to share with you some of the creations our customers have brought to life.

Pipeline News Highlights

Terramac RT9 on Pipeline News Cover

It’s always exciting to see action shots taken of the Terramac RT9 crawler carrier, and even more so when they’re striking enough to make a magazine cover.

Travel the Map for Pipeline Projects with Terramac’s Tac Welder Unit

Terramac Tac Welder Unit

Let’s face it, pipelines span around the world which more often than not requires crews and equipment to reach remote locations, and having the most versatile and reliable equipment to do so is a must. Terramac built the RT9 crawler carrier to do exactly that! We’ve dissected each aspect of the pipeline process, and found […]