Conquer challenging right-of-way terrain with the RT6U. This model is built to allow for greater accommodation when paired with utility support equipment.

Extended front and rear frame extensions, and multiple hydraulic configurations, mean you can customize your machine nearly any way you need to get the job done the most efficient way.

Extended Frame

Extended front and rear frame extensions accommodate utility support equipment.

Low Ground Pressure

With only 5.3 psi of ground pressure, the RT6U can conquer challenging terrain with minimal damage.

Versatile Hydraulics

Hydraulic pump drive configurations simplify customized support equipment.

Crawler Carrier Attachments

Make your job even easier with a wide range of attachments.

Dealer Locations Map

Wherever You Work, There we are.

From Alaska and the Yukon to the tip of Florida, our vast dealer network has you covered anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

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Full Length 20’ 3" 6.2 m
Full Height 9’ 6" 2.9 m
Width Over Tracks 8’ 2" 2.5 m
Track Gauge (Center-to-Center) 6' 2" 1.9 m
Min Ground Clearance 18" 0.5 m
Track Width 23.6" 0.6 m
Undercarriage Length (Idler to Drive Hub) 10' 3.0 m
Rail Width 3' 0.9 m
Rear of Cab to Rear of Rail* 11.5' 3.5 m
Front Rail Extension** 3.1' 1.0 m
Manufacturer Cummins Cummins
Model B4.5 Performance Series B4.5 Performance Series
Emissions Certifications US T4F / EU Stage V US T4F / EU Stage V
Displacement 272 cu. in. 4.5 L
Horsepower 155 HP @2200 RPM 116 kW
Electrical System 12 VDC 12 VDC
Battery (2) GRP 31, 1125 CCA (2) GRP 31, 1125 CCA
Fuel Capacity 40 gallons 151 L
Transmission HST HST
Drive Pump Max Flow (x2) 32 gpm / side 121 L/m
Drive Pump Max Pressure 5,500 PSI 379 bar
Tandem Gear Pump Max Flow
   Front Section (AUX Output) 14 gpm @ 2500 PSI 53 L/m @ 172 bar
   Rear Section (HST Drive) 20 gpm @ 380 PSI 76 L/m @ 26 bar
Base Weight 15,020 lbs. 6,813 kg
Max. Carrying Capacity 15,380 lbs. 6,976 kg
GVWR 29,880 lbs. 13,553 kg
Travel Speed - 1st Gear 3.9 mph 6.3 kph
Travel Speed - 2nd Gear 6.7 mph 10.5 kph
Gradability 58% (30°) 58% (1.0 rad)
Turning Radius Zero Turn Zero Turn
Ground Pressure (Loaded) 5.3 PSI .38 kg/c2
Ground Pressure (Unloaded) 2.6 PSI .18 kg/c2

As part of our commitment to quality and reliability, Terramac provides a limited warranty:

The Terramac Carrier Limited Warranty extends until the sooner of (a) twenty-four (24) months or (b) until the Terramac Carrier’s electronic control module (“ECM”) exceeds 1000 hours (henceforth known as the “Limited Warranty Period”).

Registration of Terramac Limited Warranty is required within 6 months of invoice date or upon the machines ECM reaching 50 hours, whichever comes first. Failure to do so will cause machine warranty to default back to the date of invoice to the original purchaser. (See warranty registration form). The Terramac Carrier Limited Warranty terminates upon the expiration of the Limited Warranty Period.

Terramac warrants that it will replace, at its sole option and discretion, any original parts of any Terramac Carrier sold by it that are deemed to be defective in material or workmanship, with the exception of parts and components identified in Section IV “Pass-through Warranties” and Section V “Exclusions from Limited Warranty”. All warranty repairs or replacements will be free of charge and must be performed by an authorized Terramac dealer or approved vendor. Repaired or replaced parts are covered only for the remainder of the Limited Warranty Period.

To view the complete Terramac warranty download it here.

* The overall length may vary depending on utility build model selected.
** Frame length can be modified, please contact Terramac for details.

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